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  • First-Responders


    First Responders

    Entry made easy.

    These unique breaching tools and accessories add versatility and capability to a team.


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  • Entry-Tools


    Entry Tools

    These tools are tough.

    Heavy duty craftsmanship and attention to detail provide the strength you need.


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    Specialized Tools

    Dependability and power.

    Specialized breaching tools for first responders, law enforcement and military missions.


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  • Training-Aids


    Training Aids

    Be prepared.

    Doors and windows to provide realistic forced entry training with low total cost of ownership.


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  • Vehicle-Entry


    Vehicle Entry

    Get in fast.

    Protect and save lives by having the right vehicle entry tools when it counts.


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World-Class Equipment for First Line Breachers

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Fire & Rescue

Glass punches, rakes, and wedges are ideal for emergency situations where seconds can mean the difference between life and death.

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Law Enforcement

Hydraulic bolt cutters, doorjamb spreaders, and other tools will get you inside quickly and quietly, maintaining the element of surprise.

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Military & Security

Forced entry missions are a breeze with our door piercing tools, battering rams, pry bars, and more. Get in and out with ease.

Entry ToolsFirst RespondersTraining AidsVehicle EntrySpecialized

Find out why law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel rely on RA Tools.

Our Products In Action

There is no substitute for practice! Our doors and windows provide realistic forced entry training with low total cost of ownership.  Design innovation and product quality are built into the USA made products.

Popular Items

  • RatReach Kit 2
    RatReach Kit 2
  • Xtend-a-Grappling Hook 8
    Xtend-a-Grappling Hook 8"
  • Pierce RatBar™
    Pierce RatBar™
  • 30
    30" RatBar™ with Spike
  • TRAIN Rat™ w/Pump
    TRAIN Rat™ w/Pump
  • Hydraulic RatPak™
    Hydraulic RatPak™
  • RatPak™
  • Xtend-a-View
  • 5
    5" RatExtractor™
  • Battery Powered Hydraulic RatPak™
    Battery Powered Hydraulic RatPak™
  • All-In-One RatDoor™
    All-In-One RatDoor™
  • 35 Pound 2 Handle RatRam
    35 Pound 2 Handle RatRam
In The News

Train Door Breaching

Vehicle-Entry223x223 Rapid Assault Tools is excited to announce another industry first! A self-contained pneumatic entry tool designed for instant entry into commuter rail passenger cars. This patent pending tool allows for quick, quiet and reliable entry into train sliding doors. See a recent article published at Tactical-Life.com and see VEHICLE ENTRY page for more info.


2012 Product Introduction: UK MOE Entry Kit

We are pleased to release our UK MOE Entry Kit! This kit includes our very popular two handled 35 lbs. RatRam, 30” bolt cutters and our new 30” UK MOE tool. Custom backpack holds tools secure for maximum comfort and mobility while allowing for quick tool removal.

Custom Kits and Tools

Based on customer request, we developed a compact kit carried in rigid carry case. Kit includes two handled ram, maul, bolt cutters and pry-bar carried in high quality carry case (RK4-20-2-Case). If you have a unique requirement, please contact us. We strive to exceed your expectations in product design and customer service.

RatWindows Installed in DC Training Facility


(Washington DC) RatWindows were recently installed at a new state of the art Tactical Training Facility in Washington DC.  MPD Chief Cathy Lanier stated, “Our new Tactical Training Facility will help us provide state-of-the-art training to recruits and continuing education for current MPD officers in an environment that closely simulates what they might encounter in the real world.”  Read More...

Rapid Assault Tools

We are manufacturers of forced entry tools and training products. Mobility, ease of use and dependability are built into each of our products. Our products help law enforcement, military and first responders complete their missions.

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